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Monday, January 30, 2012

Enter the Forest.

Yes, I have not posted in a while. This is mostly due to my younger brother snagging my camera for a trip to Latin America, and me realizing that climbing blogs without pictures usually come across as thinly vailed essays on narcissism. With that said, things have been happening...

On Saturday Dylan (Dil-bag) Peck, traveled east from Mongzoolia (Missoula) and called be to link up with the "Backwaters" crew for a tour of the Trailer boulders. Big thanks to Tom and company for showing us a good time and lots-and-lots of very neat rock. Psyched to know about this option. Favorite problems included the Aristocrat v4, Pope's Simulator v5/6?, and Heart of Darkness v8(Actually, I just watched others get burly on this epic problem). Bummer no pics.

After seeing so many pretty new blocks, we (JD Jordan, Sarah Hambock, and myself) decided we were unfortunately, weak bums. So on Sunday we tried rectifying this problem by doing a big circuit in old Whiskey... The usual problems were climbed, mostly by stubborness and "try hard," rather than by strength or skill. JD took these rad shots.

Sarah, getting mean on CCC.

Very Close.

Highlight of the day, was perhaps a new gem found deep in the sagebrush, high above the Wave. I am by no means certain that we were the first people to climb on this very cool little boulder, but it is not in the guide, lacked anytype of trail or logical approach, and has never appeared (to the best of my knowledge)on the internet... Anyway, we decided to call it "Real Housewives of Jefferson County" and gave it a tentitive grade of v4. I'll try to get a photog up soon...

Here's to hoping that La nina reamians MIA, and the batholith stays nice and dry.