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Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Bavaria

Sarah decided she needed a post graduation climbing trip, and really wanted to head to the desert... which was the plan until ten minutes after we'd departed. Traveling east on I-90 I discovered that summer school started 4 days earlier than I'd thought. I quick change of plans had us turning the car around and driving to Leavenworth Wa, to boulder in the Cascades.

 The climbing surpassed all my expectations, and in my experience is the best area in the northwest. Highlight of the trip was grouping up with a cool bunch of climbers from Seattle and Bellingham who brought beta and a high level of psych.
Myself on the last hard move of "The Undercling."

Bellinghamian Taylor walking a 3star V0 padless.

 Sarah learning the proper technique for whale-beaching.

Taylor on "The Rib." Maybe my favorite v4 of all time.

Vineet getting ready for the crux move on The Rib.

Same problem different angle.

Runner up for best v4 of all time: "The Pocket."

Myself getting all types of hurt and angry on "The Hole."

A guidebook in hand, a Schmidt in each pocket and a puppy....

The Icicle River ripping...  Hopefully I'll return soon.