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Monday, June 3, 2013


So I haven't updated the blog in some time. After moving to Bozeman, I decided that the scene and development were already pretty well covered by other sources. But... following a recent trip into the Beartooths, a new area was established worthy of some spray. 

After being blown away by the amount of untouched blocs along the trail to Mystic lake, I enlisted the burl of Charlie Barron and returned a week later. 

Long story short, Charlie crushed everything he touched and established a series of problems (v5-v9) worthy of the five star designation. 

Double-Door Arete V8 on the Gatekeeper boulder. A scant five minutes from the parking lot. Directly off off the trail. 

Double-Door Arete. A scant 5 minutes from the parking lot, directly off the trail.

Breakfast of Champions V9. The send of the day involved two huge dynamic moves on a beautifully featured overhang. 

Another view of Breakfast of Champions.

Charlie after taking a scary fall (before eventually sending) Rain Dance V7, on the Thunderhead. 

Charlie cleaning of the top out of Rain Dance. Steep incut crimps, with a crux foot dyno and mantle. 

 Myself on Hyperphagia V4. A very cool roof and my sole worthwhile contribution to the send train. 

 Hyperphagia: A period of intense eating by bears prior to hibernation. 

 A little bit of scenery. 

CB Sticking the crux move of the terrific, Never Ending Summer V5.

Finally, Charlie feeling out the moves on the incredibly proud Thunderhead project.