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Monday, February 13, 2012

Montana winter bouldering summarized in a single photo.

*Sidenote- We only built the fire outside the ring out of necessity and tried to scatter the ashes afterword.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Hay

45 degrees and balmy in the batholith this weekend! Saturday saw the defacto Butte crew (only one of us can claim to be a true Butte rat) out with gusto. I recently decided that the free printing my tuition at Montana Tech pays for, would best be used by printing bouldering guides off the internet. Thusly, I found a copy of the "New Whiskey" guide in my hands, compliments of Erik Christensen (Bouldering Montana blog). I'd hiked though this area before but had never actually hopped on any of the problems. Its always nice getting on some new goods.

Highlights and conclusion after our saturday visit...
-The cornballer v2, may be the best straight-up (ie. non-traversing) mellow problem in the Whiskey area.
-The Italain Job v5, is one hell of a circus trick, and I'm pretty certain I blew a disc in my shoulder.
-Pasta, Gummibears and Zombies v4- I'm normally not too stoked on cracks when it comes to bouldering, but this was an acception.
-Fefifofum v7- Is a far trickier problem than it first appears. It should not be attmpted in the dark!

Overall very cool. Need to go back and finish up some business...

On Sunday (after regaining our composure from a rough night at the M&M), Sarah, JD and I decided to head up to the East Ridge. I'll spare the details until I get more pictures of the area...

Here are some random photos from JD's GoPro. The fisheye makes everything look a little weird.

Hobo-ing along the tracks. The East Ridge.

Sarah on The Assination of Biggie Smalls, v2/3. East Ridge.

JD on the same problem.

Myself on Low Hanging Fruit v2/3 (Our name). Located on a shelf just below globetrotter... our warm up area on saturday. This thing is actually pretty neat, though I can't be 100% sure if she'd been climbed before.

Start of the same problem. Could result in a terrible fall.

Sarah, not aware the gopro was still taking pictures.

More pics and such coming soon.