"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it." H.L. Menken

Monday, April 23, 2012

LoHo and Lochsa

Don't get me wrong, Butte is a nice place... but every once and a while getting the hell out of Dodge is essential. So inspired by a beautiful looking forecast I headed west to Missoula for some fine granite, beer and culture. Boy oh boy did the pilgrimage par off. I had been itching to to return to Lost Horse for a while. On Saturday, after striking out looking for partners all morning long, I decided to head out solo with hopes of repeating as many classics as possible. It'd been a couple years since I'd climbed in the canyon, and it was a blast trying to remember old beta and reworking things I once had wired.
Highlight of the day was running into Ian "the tattooed gorilla" Carapoli, at John Wayne. After a year hiatus it was excellent to see Ian back outside, dispatching everything in a go or two. Ian happens to be the worlds best spotter which came in handy as I was pumped as shit by then, and was lobbing off problems with reckless abandon.
Thrutching. I had originally been planning to follow some folks up Shoshone on Sunday been when Kevin Barnet Called to invite me down the Lochsa I immediatly flaked like a bum. Big spring run off, 75 degrees, and and a solid and mostly inebriated crew made for ideal conditions.
Props to captain Stu for the master navigation.
No flips + Schmidts + sunshine = victory.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Bad ass quote of the month

"There is no such thing as unisex. Its just a matter of having enough swag to pull off a woman's jacket." -a wise unknown sage

Also, I'm officially spending the summer in Bozemania. While this normally would sound like some sort of fun development, its actually solely because i can take twice as many engineering credits as anywhere else... But... three day weekends.

Monday, April 9, 2012

the park revisited

Had a long weekend over easter, and due to impending winter storm warnings around Butte, I decided to visit my old stomping grounds on the North Fork of the Flathead. It seems pretty crazy that a year ago I'd just started living there. Weather was un-seasonally nice, and we took full advantage by lounging around the Glacier Institute like champs. We did however to do a little hiking on the southern boundary trail, which follows the Middle Fork of the Flathead. This trail would normally not be my first choice, but snow up high had us looking for new options. It turned out to be great. Despite having driven the same route on highway 2 numerous times, being on the opposite side of the river, and traveling at a much slower pace changed the entire experience.

Middle Fork

Precambrian Super Choss

One final push to the end of the semester. Here's to hoping its only beautiful outside on days I can actually afford to recreate.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bouldering via google images

Sarah, down from Missoula for springbreak has been on a bouldering tear lately, ticking off sends on some of Whiskey's most classic moderates. Most of which were projects that have plagued her for years. Instead of posting the same tired photos of boulders you've probably seen 100 times before, I decided to google image search their names and post my favorite picture instead. Fortunately, she avoided problems like "fagatron" or "the young and the breastless," otherwise this blog would no longer be PG.

Sends thus far include:

The Senile Traverse

Bone and Barbwire



Meanwhile, I got throttled by the boogyman

It was most unpleasant