"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it." H.L. Menken

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The opposite end of the spectrum.

I have not posted in a while, due to some soon-to-be resolved camera issues, but things have indeed been happening. I no longer live in Glacier but have relocated to beautiful Butte, America. If you've never been Butte looks a little bit like this:

...OK, maybe it looks a little more like this:

After living in arguably the most intact and diverse ecosystem in the lower 48, relocating to America's largest environmental disaster site is indeed a bit of a change. Not to mention the change from temperate rainforest to high mountain scrubland. With that said, there is bouldering 5 minutes out the door (twenty to legit areas), epic mountain biking, and flyfishing as well.

However, soon none of that will matter as I am slowly and inevitably morphing into this kid...

See ya after labor day foolios.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vision Quests, Choss Monsters, and Pikas.

I've been to the North East section of Glacier multiple times in the last couple of years, and each time I've wanted to come back for two separate but equally alluring reasons: Fly fishing on the Belly River, and climbing Chief Mountain. Sarah, Beau, and I took a short break from the child slavery ring we operate, and set out to do both. Our plan was to complete fish the Belly while hiking to Slide Lake, then climbing Chief the next day via the Lee Ridge trail. Turns out my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

South Fork of the Two Medicine River from our campsite.

All meat dinner on a stick.

Sarah and Beau. Gable pass on the way to slide lake.

Slide Lake.

Pika! Cool Facts: North America's smallest rabbit. Farms decomposed poisonous plants during the winter. Pees out crystals to conserve energy. The real life basis of Pikachu.

My camera ran out of batteries before we started the climb so I am just going to have to leave you with this photo taken last month. Chief a choss odyssy but the views were absurd. A Canuck took our picture and promised to email me so I might have some proof eventually... stinking canucks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kenny... World's greatest camper

Well, I only have a week left of summer and over the course of my time at Big Creek, I've seen some pretty cool kids (as well as a million little satans) but my favorite camper has undoubtedly been Kenny.

Aside from being a 4" tall chunk with a lisp and ADHD, the kid was also full of some amazing quotes. Here are a couple:

After another camper claimed it was illegal no to wear underwear- "It's not illegal. I got diahrea at school once and got to take my underwear off halfway through the day."

On seeing a foreign family in Glacier- "Wow! Look Joe, Black people. ...I'm glad that Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream so white people and black people could work together... Then a white guy shot him in the head."

On Godzilla- "I think that when Godzilla was little he was probably a cute little lizard."

On being accused of pooping on the toilet seat- "It wasn't me I swear... Cause one time my mom pooped on the toilet seat, and I threw up a liitle... But it was mostly water."

On ninjas- "When I wear my longjohns I'm like a white ninja. ...If I had black longjohns, I would be a black ninja!" He then did fat kid karate throughout the room.

On mosquitos- "Theres a skeeter on my peter wack it off!" After I told him that was not appropriate he changed it to: "Theres a mosquito on my torpedo wack it off!"

On volcanoes- "What if there was a chocolate volcano! ...but then we'd need a dog treat volcano cause dogs are allergic to chocolate so they'd get poisoned."

For a better understanding of how Kenny actually sounded replace all S's with th's.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Siyeh Peak plus Siyeh pass.

John David jordan and myself did a little hikin' over the weekend. Here are some pics of our trip up one of the 6, 10,000 footers in the park (photos by JD). The photo of cracker lake is looking down from the east face of Siyeh, the tallest verticle face in Montana... A true choss monster.

Later in the day JD hooked on to a bull trout. Sadly no pic. But trust me, it was rad.