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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Iceburg Notch: Many Glacier to the Loop

My boss Beau and I have developed something of a tradition, in which, at the end of every summer we pick a hike that kicks our shit. The hike isn't always long, but due to a combination of length altitude, and ample amounts of navigation error we epic. This season we traversed from Many glacier to the loop via iceberg notch. The first part of the trip is easy: 5 miles to the favorite tourist haunt Iceberg Lake. From there things get tricky. 2,000 feet on rotten scree ledges to the notch. Climbing the notch alone is roughly the same difficulty as most the peaks found on top of the pass. 

Beau at the lake with the Notch above. 

Beau about halfway up.  

Looking down the notch. Some dude skied this last winter!

This is where we began our epic. According to the old Edwards guide it was only another hour to the top of Iceberg peak. We'd made good time so why not? ...thus began a 4hr route finding detour with limited water. The lack of pics from the peak portion speaks to our suffering.  

Beau on the summit. the lake is 3,000 feet straight down. 

 A glisade on our decent down the back side. 

Mt. Gould above the granite Chalete on our final 8 mile push from Ahern pass brought us to the loop. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dragon's Tail

I decided each peak deserved a post. Rather than returning to studying like a normal student I figured my time would be best spent nerding out with my blog. ...Isn't that what the library is for?

The Dragon's Tail is a wild fin that makes up the eastern end of the Hidden Lake  cirque. Although not extraordinarily tall, nor prominant, it is one of the more interesting climbs of the hidden lake area. 

Beau at bottom left, near the end of the frightening goat trail.

Sarah and Beau on the summit ridge. Reynolds, Matahpi and Going-to-the-Sun in the background. 

 Summit celebration. Mt Brown in the back. 

The Dragon's Tail from the climbers trail. Hidden lake can just be seen down below. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogger is being dumb here are a few pics.

So I was in glacier for a month and did not post once. Our shitty generator, hundreds of screaming 12 year olds, lots and lots of days in the park, and me being a royal bum all conspired to prevent this from happening.  I was going to post all of my pics at once but blogger is shit, and I'm in a laundry mat with crappy wifi. Here are a couple shots. I'll post more when the internet is better. 

The mission Mtns on the drive to the flathead.

Shannon and Tron, surveying the Quartz lake loop

Spam bloc enjoying the views from Oberlin.

Sarah, more enthused about the trail than myself.