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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Should be studying so I'll keep this short. My buddy flaked on some weekend plans, so on a whim I decided to head to the western Anacondas (Pintlers by local jargon) and attempt to climb Warren Peak. I'd tried Warren once before, but do to some sloppy route planning never even got close. Hiking solo, is always a little different, but its nice traveling at your own pace not having to make consultations for every route finding decision. With that said, I arrogantly turned the peak into a loop that added 5 miles of slogging through lodgepoles in a thunderstorm. Still a very cool peak that deserves a little more praise. 
Warren Peak on the drive in. My root was the ridge on the right skyline. 

 Waterfall on the hike in.

 Clark's Nutcracker.

View of Warren from the Ridgeline. 

 Looking back down the scree to Lake Edith. My path on the way up. 

 View into the heart of the Pintlers (Anacondas on most maps)

 Iced in lake as seen from the summit. 

 Mandatory summit shot. 

Looking down into Grover Basin. My route on the decent.  

"Fresh tracks brah!" 

One last look at Warren from Tamarack Lake. Note the suddenly dark sky. Yep summer lightning storm. Luckily I was already down.  

Finally, what I am claiming is a wolverine den, found in the deep snow at the head of Tamarack Lake. 

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